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KTLA Channel-5 Morning Show

Author Sergio Liden does an interview on Los Angeles' #1 Morning News Show talking about Bullying and why Dads wrote a book on this important subject.

About The Bully, another book in the Little Itty Bitty series.

We do what we do because of how we’re raised. Itty Bitty has taught the giants about optimism, the use of imagination, and realizing the journey has beauty. Here, Itty Bitty finally associates with another child who didn’t get the same level of love, support, and understanding. How does Itty Bitty deal with a bully? Exactly the way you think Itty Bitty would.


Behavior, Understanding, Struggles, Childhood, Hardship, Giants, Family, Values, Self Esteem, Little Itty Bitty


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