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Who We Are

Dads Publishing was founded by a couple of dads. Their sole objective is to bring books out to the masses which are timeless, universal, and for children of all ages — including the child in each of us.

Our books deal with topics from finding hope, growing up in a single parent household, low self-esteem, and even death. Yes, these are tough topics to expose our children to, but they are already dealing with them, and they understand to a great degree what’s going on.

Narrated in the first person by a child, these important (and sometimes heavy) topics make it much easier for children to connect and understand. And this assures children do not feel alone in their predicament.


Of course the fact that these stories also are sweet, funny, and compassionate does make the realities of not feeling “normal” easier to swallow. If the root word of normal is “norm” and that means “most of," then I guess we’re all either a little crazy or we’re all absolutely normal.


Why We're Doing This

From the rhythmic style of the text, which is great for reading to a toddler who’s not yet familiar with language, to the beautiful illustrations, which all children will love, to the deeper meanings of each story, which all grownups will be able to relate, every book released by Dads Publishing we know is for everyone.

Elevating mental and emotional growth will be the cornerstones of all books released by Dads Publishing. You don’t need to have a child to collect these books, but you did need to be one.

How it Started


Sergio Liden


Zachary Zemby

The "dads" met in their children's Kindergarten class in 2008.

Sergio Liden is the author and has written over 30 children's books with ideas for many more “floating around” in his head. Zachary Zemby is the “brains” behind the company, having been moved by how Sergio’s books helped him better understand his own children. With Sergio’s assistance, Zachary came to the realization that from a “family point of view” there was a difference between being a “dad” and “father.” He concluded that “Dads” provide for the emotional and “lessons learned” support of their children while “fathers” provide for the financial and security wellbeing of their family. Until then, he was but only a “father.” Of course, we already know moms do everything.

Over a period of many years, mostly in coffee shops, "the dads" discussed the creation of a publishing company dedicated to two goals. Firstly, making children’s books that would help children better understand their emotions. Secondly, helping adults better understand their role as parents.

Sergio is a “dad” of two children, and Zachary, once a “father”, has become a “dad” of three children.

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