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Dad's Co-Founder on KTLA Los Angeles News

Book: The Greatest Christmas Ever.

Author Sergio Liden talks to Los Angele's #1 Hollywood Entertainment Reporter, Sam Rubin, on KTLA Channel-5, about our Christmas Book, The Greatest Christmas Ever.

About the book:

What is the most important gift we can share with the ones we love? When you have nothing, it only means you don’t have things, but you still have the intangibles. This story follows a boy during Christmas time when his family no longer has material possessions. He finds that love, spending time together, and giving of oneself to others are the most priceless, beautiful, and ever fulfilling commodities. And if you have those things, what else do you need?


Unemployment, Self Esteem, Hardship, Childhood, Foreclosure, Family, Economics, Values


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